Giving Back

Throughout its history, Heritage has worked to facilitate the redevelopment of community landmarks.  We have been involved in hundreds of projects from New York to Los Angeles, totaling billions in historic rehabilitation construction.

This experience has taught us that there are many landmarks in need of preservation and rehabilitation that fall outside normal real estate economics.   Some are recognized by agencies like the National Trust in its “Endangered Properties” program.  Many are not.

In the spirit of historic preservation for the greater good, Heritage established its Giving Back Program in 2012.  Created in honor of the company’s 30th anniversary, the program identifies properties with strong community support and potential for rehabilitation.  It then provides pro bono preservation services necessary to advance the preservation initiative.


The Giving Back Program’s first two projects illustrate both the type of services and the types of resources the program is intended to help. The Portland Open Space Sequence is a nationally significant landscape designed by Lawrence Halprin. A local organization is raising funds for its rehabilitation; by securing National Register designation, Heritage provided critical support that validates the importance of the resource and the groups’ efforts. Similarly, local preservationists are working to save Joe Frazier’s Gym in Philadelphia. Heritage secured National Register listing for the landmark, again helping to validate the importance of the group’s efforts. In both instances, our work was entirely pro bono.

We invite candidates for our Giving Back Program. If you have a project for us to consider, please send a letter describing the organization, the resource and how Heritage might help.